Farm Fresh!

Farm Fresh Darjeeling from our good friend Benoy at Thunderbolt Tea!

Thanks to Benoy and the Red Panda for picking the best Darjeeling Tea exclusively for Chi of Tea!

Red Panda Picked Darjeeling
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The Red Panda always picks freshest Darjeeling teas! The Red Panda is the mascot of the International Tea Festival in Darjeeling! This blend of farm fresh Darjeeling tea comes from the Red Panda's personal stash of 2010 Second Flushes and 2010 Autumn Flushes. Creating a rich, yet balanced cup with rich notes of muscatel grapes and sweet florals.

This tea is fresh from the Darjeeling tea gardens! Limited Supply!

This is a great opportunity to sample farm fresh Darjeeling tea. Over 40 million kilos a year are sold as "Dajeeling tea", when in reality, only and estimated 10 millions kilos of Darjeeling a year are produced. So even if you think you have tried Darjeeling before, there is a 3 out of 4 chance that you really haven't tasted authentic Darjeeling tea, much less this fresh! Unless of course, you are friends with the Red Panda!

Limited Supply and a Chi of Tea Exclusive!

We had some tea left over from our sample cuppings of farm fresh darjeeling from various estates. So we decided to share this blend with our customers! First come first serve!

Sample Size (9 grams)
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Price: $5.00

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