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Hawaii Noni Sweet Love Herbal Tisane
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100% grown in Hawaii Noni Herbal Tisane blend. This tea is best for drinking during a meal. The healthy blend aids the digestive system, and helps to rid of acid reflex, heartburn and gas.

Noni tea was used by the Polynesians for thousands of years. The flavor of noni leaf tea is extremely pleasant with hints of green tea. Noni leaf is relaxing, contains no caffeine or stimulants of any kind and includes many helpful antioxidants, bioflavonoids, plant sterols (including B-sitosterol), ursolic acid, glycosides, and anthraquinones.

No trace of the pungent odor or taste of the noni fruit or noni juice is present in the leaves. Noni leaf tea is a great way to ingest the great health-giving compounds of the noni plant without having to overcome the pungent nature of the juice.

100% Hawaii grown ingredients: Noni leaf, Raspberry leaf, Hibiscus flower, lemon grass, Stevia

Sample Size (4 cups)
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Price: $2.00
1 ounce (15 cups)
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Price: $6.00
4 ounces (60 cups)
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Price: $22.00
8 ounces (120 cups)
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Price: $42.00
1 pound (240 cups)
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Price: $76.00

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